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About Highlands Auto Exchange

Highlands Auto Exchange

We have over 30 years of experience in the wholesale and retail car market industries. Our vast knowledge makes it possible to hand pick the best pre-owned cars at the best prices so we can pass on the savings to you. HIGHLANDS AUTO EXCHANGE is dedicated to getting you the best value for your hard earned money. HIGHLANDS AUTO EXCHANGE is family owned and operated. We pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships based on trust, loyalty and respect. Our store is located in the beautiful rolling hills of northwest New Jersey where we grew up and are now raising our family. There’s some Scottish blood coursing in our veins so that’s why we chose “Highlands” as our business name. Several years ago we took a family vacation to the UK to introduce our children to “The Mother Land” and we all fell in love with the beautiful Scottish countryside (or “The Heelans”, as the Scots call it!). We sell many of our cars on Facebook also.

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